Gwyneth Morgan Griffin was born June 26, 1999, to Joel and Jennifer Griffin. Although born with a minor heart defect, she had a smile to share with the world. Gwyneth was a happy, carefree, loving and beautiful young lady.

As a little girl, she was involved in many different activities including soccer, gymnastics and Girl Scouts. However, her heart and natural talents drew her to dance. From the age of four, Gwyneth learned ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical styles, but would ultimately fall in love with Irish dance.

Compassionate, thoughtful, gentle and accepting are just a few words to describe Gwyneth as she grew. She was always understanding and willing to lend a helping hand to those around her.

Every school year she made sure to donate extra school supplies, buy toys and clothes during the holiday season for those that would otherwise go without and once she even gave her new coat to a friend that didn’t have one. 



Whether it was her constant generosity or the simple gestures like saying “hello” or sharing a smile, making the lives of others a little brighter was part of who Gwyneth was. This kindhearted nature afforded her many friends, both young and old.

Being an active member of her school and community was important to Gwyneth. She would often volunteer to help her teachers before and after school and was always willing to help younger students not only in school but dance class. Gwyneth was part of the Mural Club, Technology Student Association and Student Council in middle school.

She had won the school science fair twice for her grade level and placed second in the Regional Science Fair. Her final accomplishment was being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at the end of her 7th-grade year.



“Our daughter” are the most important words we would use to describe Gwyneth. She loved her family dearly. Gwyneth always greeted you at the end of the day with a smile and a hug and was the first one to meet extended family members when they would come to visit.

Her most important family role was sister. Gwyneth became a big sister at age three and was always a cheerleader for everything her sister did. Having such a loving and selfless young lady fulfilled our life and to this day reminds us of the goodness that we should all share.

Below are a few quotes and thoughts people shared about Gwyneth.


“Gwyneth was the most amazing friend, she never was into drama, or rumors…she was beautiful, kind, strong hearted, open minded, and smart. She was there for you when you needed her. Gwyneth was there from the beginning, she would never give up on you. That’s why I love her.”

- Student

“Gwyneth was an amazing girl and she always knew how to brighten someone’s day. She would always help you no matter what. She was a beautiful girl and kind. Gwyneth will never leave our hearts.”

- Gwyneth's Friend

“Gwyneth touched many lives with her sweet smile and her happy outlook. She was such a beautiful young lady.”

- Citizen

“Gwyneth was one of the most amazing, and beautiful people I’ve ever met, she has a pretty smile, and was always there for me, when I needed help with school work, or in general, her sweet personality, and great attitude, made me want to be a better person. She did great in school, and the teachers, and students loved her.”

- Gwyneth's Friend

“Gwyneth was an amazing young lady. She was loving and giving whether it was of her time to help others or simply a pencil to a classmate. She was always the first to offer friendship and kindness to others. From the moment I met her I knew she was special.”

- Teacher


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