5 Ways to Support Gwyneth’s Gift for #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is December 3rd, 2019 and is the one day of the year that allows the community to come together to support a good cause. Whether you come together with your family, your community, or with an organization whose cause means something to you, there are many ways to give back and share!

Giving Tuesday gives people the opportunity to showcase their generosity in the communities in which they live and for the causes that mean the most to them. Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation asks that our community joins us on December 3rd, 2019 to turn their intention of creating a safer community, into action. On December 3rd, give with your whole heart in any way that you can.

Below are 5 ways to support Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation this Giving Tuesday:

  1. Donate to our cause on December 3rd   

In order to create a safer community, it is important to place AEDs in high-needs areas that are typically further from a hospital. In the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, the AED is the only thing that can RESTART the heart which is why our focus for Giving Tuesday 2019 is the importance of AEDs. With your help, we can reach our goal of raising $2,000 in order to place an AED in a prominent location within our community.  By donating to our cause on Giving Tuesday, you are saving lives.

Early donations are welcome! Click HERE to donate now.

  1. Create a Facebook Fundraiser in support of GGF

Give together this Giving Tuesday by creating a Facebook Fundraiser in support of Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation. This year, Facebook is matching $7 million in donations first come, first serve. By creating a Facebook Fundraiser in support of Gwyneth’s Gift, the money raised will go directly to our Giving Tuesday initiative. Starting is easy and Facebook will be there to give you tips on how you can help us reach our goal!

  1. Become a lifesaver

We are devoted to making a difference in the community and the lives of those within by acting as a catalyst to ensure those suffering an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest have a greater chance of survival because they were provided with immediate life-saving measures from a community member educated on how to administer CPR and utilize an AED. Turn your intention into action by reaching out to us to schedule a training event to learn the skills that can help save a life or to apply for AED funding.

Apply for AED Funding: https://www.gwynethsgift.org/programs/aed/

Schedule a Training Event: https://www.gwynethsgift.org/contact/

  1. Engage with us

On December 3rd, we encourage our community to use the power of social media to spread the word regarding Gwyneth’s Gift’s Giving Tuesday initiative. Here are few ways to engage with us on social media on Giving Tuesday:

  1. Give while shopping

Amazon Smile is an easy and meaningful way to give back to a charity of your choice while also tackling that holiday shopping list. With Amazon Smile, you can shop the same products at the same prices but .5% of your purchase will be donated to Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation! It’s easy to get started, use the link below, choose Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation from Amazon Smile’s charity list and then start shopping!





We want to share it with you! Whether a simple question on AEDs, the foundation, our programs, or how you can get involved yourself? Click on this link and fill out the contact form and we will be pleased to provide you with all the ways you can be part of Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation and our mission to save lives.